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Image of Melissa Coenraad

The Kanata-Carleton NDP is pleased to announce that Melissa Coenraad is our candidate in the upcoming Ontario provincial election on June 2nd.

Melissa is a public health services professional and labour leader who has fought for better health services for everyone in Kanata–Carleton.

Throughout the pandemic Melissa has worked tirelessly as a lab technician to help analyze COVID tests and made sure everyone got the lifesaving care they needed. Serving as President of OPSEU Local 475, representing workers at 18 hospital labs across Eastern Ontario, Melissa has seen first-hand how successive Liberal and Conservative governments have made deep cuts to our health care system. She has fought against privatization to ensure every family has access to quality care.

Melissa will stand up and make sure the provincial government invests in public health services so everyone can access vision care, dental care, and their prescription medication – with their health card, not their credit card. She understands that our loved ones in long-term care were some of the most vulnerable during the pandemic and she’ll fight to keep seniors, and individuals in care, safe by taking profit out of Canada’s long-term care system.

Melissa has been an active volunteer helping people in Kanata–Carleton and around the world. In 2017, she worked in orphanages in Africa to help provide care to vulnerable children and has been an active supporter of local community organizations in Kanata–Carleton. Melissa is a proud mother and is fighting for the next generation. She knows she can help build a more compassionate community that works for everyday people as your Member of Provincial Parliament in Kanata–Carleton.

Strong. Ready. Working for you.

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It’s official. The writ has been dropped, the race is on, and we’re about to paint the riding orange with signs for Melissa.

Very soon, you’ll be seeing them on lawns all over the riding. Each sign represents someone who is ready for better in Kanata-Carleton!

We know that signs matter. They affect how people view who’s up and who’s down, and can give us a big boost of momentum. Having an orange wave of signs on our lawns will help Melissa win.

Call 613-801-0569 or email melissa.coenraad@ontariondp.ca today for your sign.

Some of our signs are already spoken for and we will need to put in another order soon.

Will you help us raise the $5,000 we need for our next order of signs?

Chip in $50, $100 or however much you wish today.

Remember, you’ll get up to 75% back at tax time.

C'est officiel. Les élections sont déclenchées, la course est lancée et nous sommes sur le point de peindre la circonscription en orange avec des affiches pour Melissa.

Nos affiches électorales sont prêtes à sortir!

Très bientôt, vous les verrez sur les pelouses partout dans la circonscription. Chaque affiche représente quelqu'un qui ose mieux à Kanata-Carleton !

Nous savons que les affiches sont importantes. Elles affectent la façon dont les gens voient qui est en avance et qui traîne de la patte et peuvent nous donner un grand élan. Une vague d’affiches orange sur nos pelouses aidera Melissa à gagner.

Appelez le 613-801-0569 ou envoyez un courriel à melissa.coenraad@ontariondp.ca aujourd'hui pour faire monter une affiche chez vous.

Certaines affiches ont déjà été réclamées et nous devrons bientôt passer une autre commande.

Veuillez nous aider à amasser les 5 000 $ dont nous avons besoin pour notre prochaine commande d’affiches électorales.

Vous pouvez contribuer 50 $, 100 $ ou un montant qui vous convient, dès aujourd'hui.

N'oubliez pas que vous récupérerez jusqu'à 75% au moment des impôts.